“We had ACE Entertainment & Event Management DJ our Office Christmas Party and it was a blast!  Everyone in our office is still talking about how much fun they had watching and participating in karaoke.  The DJ, sound quality, karaoke and lighting were perfect!”


Thank you ACE Entertainment & Event Management.  You did a great job at our office party last week.  I’ve never done karaoke before.  You had a great selection of music but were also able to download music and lyrics that were not on the list.  Lastly, we all appreciated your backing us up on the singing.  Makes going solo a little easier.  This has been our best office party ever and you helped make that happen.

Chris Tate

“My experience working with ACE Entertainment was enjoyable. Scott was very professional and easy to work with. He invested time going over details in person before our event to ensure it went as we envisioned. I appreciated this touch.”

Katie Madison Peoria Notre Dame

Scott did a great job with the music. He did our ceremony and reception and we were happy. He was very flexible and easy to work with, even when we had a last minute changes. He knows how to keep the party going. He has a great variety of songs and music to make everyone happy! My venue commented that Scott was very kind and nice to work with. I would recommend ACE to anyone planning an event. Scott is a great person!

Tammy Christian

Thank you ACE Entertainment & Event Management for a fabulous job. Scott DJ’d our wedding reception and was easy to work with. He took the time to determine how much or how little we wanted and explained additional services he could offer. The lights were a great touch and everyone enjoyed the music. I would highly recommend Ace Entertainment & Event Management!

Jackie Berardi Matulis

Today, I am thankful that we had the help of Scott and his amazing crew at ACE Entertainment to ensure that our wedding day went smoothly and beautifully. I wanted a non-traditional and very personal ceremony and reception which he helped make happen. His experience and insight helped simplify the planning process and it was a relief to simply enjoy the day and our guests knowing that everything was under control. Thank you again, Scott.

Cara Cat

Scott does a FANTASTIC job!! He just did our wedding on December 8th. Scott was easy to work with and has a great personality. He has great suggestions for songs and had everything we asked for. The dance floor was always full and the lighting was amazing! Everyone kept saying how great the hall looked and they liked how the lights changed colors. I would highly recommend Ace Entertainment & Event Management!!

Alissa Shultz

Used ACE for my son’s wedding…best choice EVER! Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone for any function. He organizes a great canoe trip too! Use ACE…he likes it! 😉

Angel D. Donahoo

Scott did an amazing job at my wedding 6 years ago!!! He listened to what we wanted and did exactly what we had asked of him! Very personable and a whole lot of fun!! I would recommend him again and again!!!!

Amy Day Kaufmann

ACE Entertainment DJ’d my wedding and it was perfect. A large variety of music and very professional, I would recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Scott, for helping make my day wonderful!

Karen Carlson Hankins

I have attended several gatherings that have been DJ’d by Ace Entertainment. He was organized, professional, and played great music. He was very entertaining on the microphone at the one wedding, and at the second one, he was low key, which was what the bridal couple wanted. So he is a jack of all trades and tailors his choices by what the clients want. I’d hire him.

Sara E. Meyers Sensational Styles by Sara Stylist

Scott Carlson was the first person I hired to work at our restaurant, Chef John’s Wine Bar & Grill in August 1999. As an owner and manager of this restaurant and having worked in the industry for more than 30 years, I knew that I was looking for someone who was trustworthy and willing to take on extra responsibilities when necessary. Scott has always been a hard working employee who is willing to go the extra mile. Scott has been employed by us, almost continuously, for the past 11 years.

Scott exhibited characteristics that are necessary to be successful in the restaurant business. He was articulate and observant of customers’ needs. He showed empathy to customers who were in the midst of life’s many trials. He is very competitive and uses his imagination to come up with solutions when presented with difficult situations. He has a high energy level which he uses to carry out whatever task he has committed to, even if it means putting in long hours.

In the beginning, Scott took the initiative to create drink lists and choose beers for the different seasons that would be appropriate and enjoyable. He was responsible for our cash receipts and credit card sales. After the death of my husband/partner, Scott exhibited leadership initiative by voluntarily taking over the responsibility of organizing and ordering all bar supplies and beverages. He continued to fulfill this obligation even while attending college full time. After completing his Bachelor’s in Sociology, he worked as manager fulltime, supervising staff and ordering supplies.

I whole heartedly recommend Scott Carlson as a responsible, reliable, and enthusiastic individual. If you would like to contact me personally, please call the number listed below and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Sincerely, Sue Pawula, President and Manager Stephanie of Peoria, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Scott Carlson. As the Sports Director for Wildlife Prairie State Park, he led a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to ensure that his events provided our guests with an outstanding experience.

Scott joined our organization as a volunteer in 2009. His commitment to the guests of the site and leadership skills allowed him full time employment as a special events coordinator commencing earlier this year. Scott led the way to some of our most successful events that we have hosted this year. In February he convinced 500 brave souls to attend an ice fishing tournament at Wildlife Prairie State Park. This event alone provided approximately $9,000.00 in net income. In June, Scott resurrected the Olde English Faire. Almost 12,000 guests endured the mud and the heat for an experience that proved to be very enjoyable.

Scott leads by example and many people here find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Scott works tirelessly to ensure that the job is done and that all follow up work is completed in a timely matter.

Sincerely, Jeffery A. Rosecrans Executive Director Wildlife Prairie State Park

I have known Scott Carlson for over 17 years. During that time I have attended many events that he has coordinated and/or been the DJ for. These events have included Weddings, Holiday parties, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. I once managed a restaurant and had the opportunity to hire Scott as the DJ for our Holiday party. The party was a huge success, and Scott has made ongoing great impressions ever since. Scott is very driven and dedicated to his work. His focus and perseverance in getting the job done is amazing! He really is a natural at it. I have had the opportunity to meet many individuals in the field and Scott is the absolute best event coordinator and planner I know.

Best Regards, Tina Loy Caterpillar Global Purchasing Advanced Purchasing Analyst

Scott was chosen as the Director of Sporting Events at Wildlife Prairie State Park because of his organizational skills and enthusiasm.  His job included management of a wide variety of events.  Scott was responsible for developing business relationships with suppliers, organizing the logistics of each event, assisting with the design and production of props and materials for events and maintaining inventory of any and all items used in the production of an event.  He was also responsible for assisting with the design and production of flyers and maintaining records and contract agreements with vendors and artisans.

Scott has established the foundation for several new events at the park including an ice fishing tournament, the XTERRA off-road triathlon, and the Olde English Faire which alone drew over 11,000 people.  He is very creative and took charge in the development of other new venues at the park such as a Frisbee golf course and mountain biking trails and procured sponsors and donors for all events.  He coordinated with staff the set-up, execution and clean-up of each event, attended trade shows to promote the many aspects of the park, and attended social functions as a representative of the park.

Scott is very dependable, always on time, and willing to meet new challenges.  I would highly recommend him for any job.  He would be an asset to any organization.

Respectfully, Linda Prescott General Manager Wildlife Prairie State Park

Ace is the place, where his music makes the memories!!

Jo Loy Peoria, IL